Summary of Minutes (Online Qualification Commission Meeting 29 January 2023)


Present: Sabrina de San Vicente (Chair), Shaun Press (Secretary), Nick Faulks, Paloma Gutierrez Castillo, Gunther van den Bergh, Irina Semenova, Lorenginis Berti Contreras, Casto Abundo, Cristobal Vega Adorno, Kumar Dharmendra, Elena Polovina, Walter Brown Jr, Edgardo Campora and Arno Eliens 
Apologies: Amadou Lamine Cisse 

Report of the Chair

The Chair lists a number of current issues that the Qualification Commission (QC) is dealing with. These include – next to items that are discussed later – the FIDE Council decision to allow the FID-flag to be valid for title norms (under certain circumstances) and the proposal for training of federation ratings officers. 

The Chair presents a list of current responsibilities of QC members:

Direct titlesWalter Brown
Rating system, transfersNick Faulks
Approval of tournamentsGunther van den Bergh (Shaun Press)
Title ApplicationsWalter Brown (Arno Eliens, Irina Semenova, Lorenginis Berti Contreras, Paloma Gutierrez Castillo, Elena Polovina, Gunther van den Bergh)
HybridArno Eliens (Gunther van den Bergh, Shaun Press)
WebsiteGunther van den Bergh, Arno Eliens
QC GuidelinesShaun Press
StatisticsEdgardo Campora
Schiller & ScheveningenArno Eliens
Table of direct titles updateShaun Press, Paloma Gutierrez Castillo
Transgender PolicyNick Faulks
Direct Titles FormsKumar Dharmendra, Edgardo Campora

Investigation and Enforcement Policy

A response from the Chairman of the FIDE Ethics and Disciplinary Commission (Francois Strydom) has been received concerning QC’s questions about the investigation of players and events and the enforcement of penalties and sanctions. 

Current Rating and Title Investigations 

Several events are considered re non-rating and non-registration. After a discussion it is agreed by QC that the decision to rate events and games played within a Federation’s territory lies with the Federation. QC does not have the authority to override the decision of member federations. QC will ask the FIDE Council to rule on appeals from players and organisers concerning the non-rating and non-registration of events. 

Title application issues

Several current title application issues are discussed within the team.

Possible changes to regulations

There is a proposal to alter the required number of titled players in a 6-player double round robin to 3 (down from 4), in line with the wording of the title regulations (article 1.45).

Other Business

Request the FIDE Ratings Office to develop software to automatically check the validity of title norms.

Update the table for Direct Titles to include explanatory notes for some cases.